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Oberon/Introspect (Thomas Aksnes)


Thomas Aksnes, SCIO Norge

"Thomas Aksnes is the Science Director of SCIO Norge as, the company who launched quantum medicine in Norway. He has done research on quantum medicine since 1995. He comes from a family of scientists, and chose to focus on health research to find resolution to his own health issues. Thomas has integrated several technologies in his unique concept for specialized quantum medical clinics, which received great international recognition. Through SCIO Norge he has supplied almost 200 clinics with a complete quantum medicine concept, technologies, training, support, etc. Thomas has been a principle presenter at many international conferences, mainly lecturing about the theories behind the technologies. He is a board member of International Medical University of Natural Education. He is currently writing the book; “The Secrets of Health – What you need to be aware of to live a longer and healthier life.” His major goal in life is to promote a worldwide medical paradigm shift!"


"The Harmonizer products are revolutionary products based on a new method of solving problems caused by radiation. Both the methods and the products are patent pending worldwide, and there are Harmonizer products currently on the market for all the most crucial radiation factors:

Mobile Harmonizer Decreases the harmful effects of using mobile telephones by 98%! The Mobile Harmonizer does not interfere with the signal strength or sound-quality. It`s matrix resonates with the radiation, and removes transients, peaks and harmonics (higher octaves) that are damaging to your cells.

PC Harmonizer Reduces the harmful effects of radiation from computers with 95-98%. One sticker matrix is to be placed on the PC (desktop or laptop), and resonates with the high frequency radiation from the processor. The other are to be put on the power supply, and resonates with 50/60hz electrosmog.

Home & Office Harmonizer Eliminates harmful effects of all common radiation in your house, apartment or office. Electrosmog, all geopathic stress, external radiation sources like mobile antenna towers, etc. Hazardous radiation from TV, PC and other electrical equipment and installations is also harmonized.

Cell Harmonizer Removes bad cell-memory from past long term problems and from electro-smog etc. that you are exposed to daily. In this process, your cells are also being energized. Cell Harmonizer is an important new technology to improve your cells ability to properly self-regulate. Drinks and food can also be harmonized and energized!

The Harmonizers are developed by a Russian institute, and the product development is financed, supported, enhanced and tested by SCIO Norge as, represented by the presenter of this workshop: Thomas Aksnes. The products are patent pended, marketed and exported worldwide by SCIO Norge."

  • Biolaz - Oberon hardware diagnostic system for accurate diagnosis of human organism
  • Biolaz – Oberon 11-S classic
  • Biolaz – Oberon 11-S Pro
  • Biolaz – Oberon 11-S Ion

(read about distinctions between models)

Principle of operation of Biolaz - Oberon

Diagnosis of the organism is made by using a diagnostic device Biolaz – Oberon / Daniel developed on the basis of the knowledge of that the cells, tissues and organs are the structures having definite bioelectrical characteristics.
Such method of diagnosis as Biolaz – Oberon / Dianel has substantial advantages as compared with the conventional methods of medical diagnosis, including ultrasound investigation or computer tomography, and differ from such methods with many aspects.

Advantages of the method of diagnosis by Biolaz – Oberon:

  • An examination occurs within 1.5 h and substitutes visits to more than 10 specialized doctors.
  • Any infecting agents (viruses, helminths, streptococci, chlamydiaceae or thrichomonia etc.) and allergens can be detected.
  • Upon an examination, a doctor receives the maximum comprehensive information about the state of the health of a patient, including the initial manifestations of a disease prior to formulation of certain complaints, which is not possible by using other known methods of examination.
  • This method of diagnosis is very convenient for a patient, it requires neither special preparation (fasting, enema or administration of toxic preparations etc.) nor taking of analyses.
  • The device makes it possible to select medicinal products (food additives, pharmaceutical products, phytopreparations or homeopathic remedies) most fitting purposes of treatment or preventive treatment of an actual on an individual basis.
    Monitoring function making it possible to examine the dynamics of a process on the basis of previous results is another advantage of this method.
  • The device is equipped with a laser transmitter that makes it possible to influence any point, zone, organ or a system of the organism with simultaneous monitoring the therapeutic results in a display.
  • Diagnosis by using such device is safe even in case of examination of pregnant women, infants and exhausted patients. Employment of such device in hospitals makes it possible to reduce the time of comprehensive diagnosis of a patient substantially.
  • Reliability of the obtained data on the risk of development of certain pathological changes reaches 90-92 %.
  • Biolaz - Oberon device may exert acupuncture reflex therapy action.
  • Electronic reprinter of the device makes it possible to test any preparations (including liquids) and determine the nature of their influence on an actual patient. The devices operates in conjunction with a PC and Dianel software containing the maximum quantity of Splices and Organs and maximum number of reference standards of Organ preparations, Biochemical homeostasis, Microorganisms, Helminths, Allergens, Nutriceuticals and Parapharmaceutical preparations, Homeopathy and Phytotherapy. The software prints out diagnosis and a selected treatment program with an image of the pathological organ of an actual patient.

The diagnostic set consists of:
1. diagnostic device
2. modified magneto headset
3. laser scanner
4. galvanic probes
5. connecting cables
6. software on a CD

Contact Information:
Address: 02091, Ukraine, Kyiv
3B Verbitskogo St, 6th flour
Health center "Alians-d"
Telephone: +38 (067) 232 17 36
+38 (068) 201 83 83
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.