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Magnetic (Dr Gauss)


GaussMaster, formerly known as "Dr. Gauss"

AC Magnetic Field Meter: Measure Magnetic Field from Everyday Appliances and Wiring

Magnetic Fields from powerlines, computers, appliances and even household wiring can interfere with delicate electronic equipment and may cause health effects. ?Most experts agree that we should avoid prolonged exposure to magnetic fields in excess of 2.5 mG, especially children, and especially while sleeping.

The Gauss Master gaussmeter can measure the strength of magnetic field radiation and is a great way to find hidden sources of ELF frequency magnetic fields at a very low cost. This little meter measures the level of ELF magnetic field radiation from power lines, computers, kitchen appliances, and more! Use it to detect radiation hot spots, hidden wiring, improper wiring, strong magnetic fields at work, in the car, garage, basement, or home.

  1. Easy to read needle gauge scale
  2. Unique built-in audio signal... intensity of sound corresponds to field strength
  3. Auto shut-off saves battery life

Hand-held, lightweight & durable, with a dramatic audio signal. A favorite meter for demonstrating EMFs to others.
So easy to use:

  1.   Insert a standard 9V battery.
  2.   Press the button once and the meter is operating on the 0-10 milliGauss scale. Watch the needle move and listen for the sound.
  3.   Press and hold the button, and the meter operates on the much more sensitive 0-1 milliGauss scale for detection of even the weakest magnetic fields.
  4.   Single axis sensor.Perfect for preliminary magnetic field surveys. Economical. Very popular for paranormal work (ghost hunting) too!
  5.   Shows which areas are above or below 2.5 milliGauss and helps you determine appropriate distances from appliances, such as computer monitors, alarm clocks, air conditioners, heaters and kitchen appliances.
  6.   Helps you make informed purchasing decisions, so that the next time you buy a TV, a computer monitor, a cellular phone, or a home, you choose one with low EMF fields.
  7.   Complete question and answer consumer guide that answers most frequently asked questions and describes in detail how to make a proper EMF survey of your home or office.
  8.   Allows user to compare effectiveness of magnetic shielding attempts

Use it over and over. Perfect for toolbox, shop, school project, science fair. Makes a great gift too!
Good Features:
1) It costs only around $39.00, including tax and shipping.
2) It appears to be quite accurate.
3) It has a clear, easy to read meter. The numbers go from 0 to 1 at the low setting and 0 to 10 at the high setting. They are fairly evenly spaced across the scale, thereby making it easy to read the setting.


  1. It measures only from 0-10mG. In a sense, that's OK, because the danger level for magnetic fields is 4 mG. Nevertheless, for those who live near power lines, it would be nice to know if one is exposed to 10 mG or 40 mG.
  2. It does not have an off switch. Rather, it turns itself off automatically after about five minutes. In the meantime, it buzzes if it is in a magnetic field.
  3. Similarly, the volume of its audible indicator cannot be altered nor can the audible indicator be turned off.
  4. CellSensor also has good features and failings.


Good Features:
1) It appears to be quite accurate.
2) It measures up to 50 mG.
3) It also measures cell phone magnetic fields (untested).
4) It has an on-off switch.
5) Its audible indicator can be turned down or off.


  1. The detector is separate from the meter. This means it takes two hands to operate.
  2.   Its meter is cramped and hard to read, especially at low intensity levels.
  3. The scale of the meter is 0 to 5 mG on the low setting and 0 to 50 mG on the high setting. It is easier to comprehend a meter's results if the highest reading is 10 than if it is 5. In addition, the high numbers are crowded together so that the "4" on the meter is very close to the "5". This makes it even harder to read easily.


On balance:

Dr. Gauss is clearly the meter of choice for those who do not need to measure intensities greater than 10 mG.
CellSensor is best for those who need to measure intensities between 10 mG and 50 mG
How to Order:

Dr. Gauss can be ordered for $35.00 plus about $4.00 shipping at http://www.johnleemd.com/products.html.
CellSensor meter is also offered for about $54.00 at: http://www.action-electronics.com/cellsens.htm

Both the "Dr. Gauss/Gauss Master" and the "CellSensor" meters, together with additional cheaper and more expensive meters, are available at: http://www.lessemf.com/gauss.html. At this time, the price of the meters is slight higher than at the the above two sites.

Accurate Measurements:

Both meters read the magnetic fields in only one direction, which leads to an underestimation of the true magnetic field. Here is how to get a more accurate reading. Move the meter around (or the probe in the case of the CellSensor) until the maximum reading is achieved. Record this maximum reading. Then take the next reading by pointing the meter (or probe) either 90 degrees up or 90 degrees down from the original orientation. Record the new reading. Return to the maximum reading. Then point the meter (or probe) either 90 degrees right or 90 degrees left and take a third reading. Again, record the result. Then square each of the three readings, add them together, and take the square root of the result. This is the final result. Therefore, if the first reading was 10, the second reading was 6, and the third reading was 3, the final result would be the square root of 145 (100+36+9) or a bit over 12. Note the final result is always greater than each of the individual readings.

Dr. Gauss is an accurate, easy-to-use, and affordable Gaussmeter developed to allow you to perform your own EMF survey. It detects and measures EMFs (electromagnetic fields) produced by electrical currents found in and around the home, at school, in the workplace and other electrical transmission areas.

Contact Information:
Telephone: (877) 375-3363 (Dr. Lee, MD)
(714) 375-3363
Fax: (714) 848-8311
Email: johnleemd.com
Address: Hormones Etc., Inc.
8868 Lakewood Drive, #223
Windsor, CA 95492
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