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Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., is the founder of the Shealy Institute, the original holistic clinic for the management of pain and stress illnesses, and the Holos Institutes of Health, a nonprofit foundation dedicated to holistic clinical services and research. Dr. Shealy was also the founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association, which has become the nationwide organization for physicians whose approach to healing cannot be contained within the standardized constraints of the AMA. Trained as a neurosurgeon, he pioneered the technique called dorsal column stimulation, which was radical when he introduced it, but was soon embraced by mainstream medicine. But before long, Shealy moved on to other pursuits, searching for methods of controlling pain without invading or destroying the nervous system. His programs now include biofeedback, nutritional training, exercise, massage and other holistic methods. Dr. Shealy has strong opinions on the politics of medicine and insurance, which he discusses in this interview with Dr. Daniel Redwood. His book Third Party Rapes specifically devoted to this topic. At a time when health care costs (Dr. Shealy pointedly notes that these are really "disease care" costs) are at the center of a national debate, Shealy offers a unique, thought-provoking perspective. One need fully endorse all his positions to benefit from hearing him out. Shealy lectures on health throughout the world, and gives numerous workshops and lectures in this country. He has written many books, including The Pain Game, Occult Medicine Can Save Your Life, and 90 Days to Self-Health. The Creation of Health, which he co-authored with psychic diagnostician Carolyn Myss, is a unique and groundbreaking collaboration, in which Dr. Shealy discusses the medical understanding of each disease while Ms. Myss approaches it from the intuitive standpoint.


  • Safe, proven photo-stimulation therapy for calming the mind and body ... developed by Norm Shealy, M.D.
  • Creates deep relaxation states known to reduce hypertension, anxiety, back pain, headaches
  • Fine-tune your sessions with brightness, color spectrum, and frequency controls 20 to 60 minute timer



RelaxMate II, LED glasses, instructions, and two AA batteries
One-year manufacturer warranty.

90% of individuals report that its use leads to deep relaxation within 5-10 minutes. Superb, restorative sleep is achieved in about 30 minutes. The Relaxmate does not employ sound, just light pulses. It uses a specific bandwidth of frequencies and color saturation determined to be the most effective.??Used 30-40 minutes a day induces mind-body states associated with lower blood pressure, headache relief, reduced anxiety, improved digestion, and an overall reduction in stress-related illness. You can fine tune your sessions with brightness, color spectrum and frequency controls. The lower frequency range (1-7 Hz) makes it much more comfortable to use than other more complex machines. Has a 20-60 minute timer. By regulating the length of the sessions, it can also be used to boost energy and improve concentration. We found it exceptionally easy-to-use; the results just happen without a whole lot of effort. Developed by Norm Shealy, M.D., a pioneer in the therapeutic use of light.

Contact Information:
The Shealy Institute
1328 East Evergreen
Springfield, Missouri 65803
Phone: (417) 865-5940
Toll free: 1-800-456-9887 8:30AM - 4:00PM PT Monday-Friday
Fax: 818-407-0850
Mailing Address:
Tools For Wellness
8943-B Oso Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311-6246 USA