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Oldfield Microscope (Harry Oldfield)

Oldfield Microscope (Harry Oldfield)


This patented light microscope provides substantially improved image quality for a wide variety of specimens and also makes possible the observation of living samples that until now could be viewed only as dead specimens. Samples that usually are viewed after chemical staining frequently exhibit good detail without staining, and thus the real material rather than a distorted or contaminated sample is seen. The Oldfield Microscope uses one or more diffraction gratings to select specific frequencies from a white light source, enhancing both resolution and depth of focus. Many specimens so illuminated reveal substantially more detail than in conventional light microscopes.

The Oldfield Microscope may be manufactured as a complete instrument, but in many circumstances, existing optical microscopes may be modified. Microscopes like those used for education purposes and certain fairly routine applications usually may be fitted with a grating simply and at moderate cost. Higher performance microscopes modified as Oldfield Microscopes with gratings also show markedly improved image quality, with detail visible that remains obscured in conventional microscopy.


The training consists of 6 days attendance covering Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced level theory and practical, plus the minimum of one day clinical practice and a theory examination; supervised home study; and submission of case studies. A comprehensive set of notes are provided at each attendance level.

There is no special entry requirements for training but a recognized Anatomy and Physiology qualification is essential before receipt of our practitioner certificate.

The course syllabus:

  • Electro Crystals: theory and practice
  • Electro-Scanning Method (ESM)
  • The chakra system and the human energy field
  • Crystals and gem stones used for Electro Crystals
  • Case studies
  • Psychology of illness causes and effects with examples and cases
  • Practitioner/client inter-relationship guidelines
  • Protection for the practitioner (on mental and physical levels)
  • Practice management


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