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Basba Device (Basba)


BASBA Foot Revita Device (FDA Recognition Number: 3005301311)

The Basba Foot Device was invented by Dr. Basba and Dr. Connelly. This device looks a little like a foot spa however it has a very different function. This device uses water as a medium to release alternating positive and negative electrons together with electromagnetic wave to our body. This immediately creates an electronic magnetic field. By a non invasive means, the electromagnetic waves can rebalance and recondition vibration frequencies of biological molecules to modify cellular activities and eliminate toxic waste.

In other words it can repair and rejuvenate damaged cells to their healthy state. Toxins and body wastes are drawn out through the 20,000 skin pores located on the soles of the feet. It helps to clean the blood, control organs and build up the immune system to release disease causing factors in the body. Revita Device improves the overall body condition.

It takes 30 minutes per treatment and is recommended twice a week until all toxins are eliminated. The color of water changes depending on your body condition. The color comes from all kinds of waste and toxins which have been deposited in the body over years.

Find out more information through the below video clip. It is an interview with Dr. Connelly, co-founder of BASBA Foot Revita Device in California, USA

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