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Biofield Viewer Imaging

Biofield Viewer

In the 1990s, John Catchpole developed the software for the first biofield imaging system. He believed that the future of diagnosis lay in finding an effective scanner, which can 'see' imbalances in the Biofield rather than disease in the physical body.

What is Biofield Viewer?

Biofield Viewer Imaging is a scanning system that is internationally recognised as the ultimate 'Biofield Imaging System'. It reveals the interference of light patterns, at and above, the visible spectrum and shows energy dynamics at work. Biofield Viewer is used in many ways around the world, from medical and clinical research, to Biofield assessment and validating healing techniques. It highlights areas of well-being and dis-ease with clear patterns and colours. T


How does it work?

The Biofield Viewer System is easy to learn and simple to use and it helps if you have a little computer experience and are able to operate a video camera. Biofield Viewer uses software on a PC with a video feed and takes a scan of energetic and light interference. An image is displayed live on a monitor where signals from the video camera are graded into clearly visible colours. This represents a much finer gradation of light intensity than the image entering the camera. Light spectrums can be distinguished that would otherwise be impossible to see with the human eye.

What does it show?


Internationally accepted and acclaimed, Biofield Viewer shows the layers of Biofields, the aura, chakras and meridian systems in clear colours and patterns. We believe that it reveals the aura, halo and corona of the body and our relationship with the way we interact with the environment through our posture, actions and deeds. It is clear and easy to understand where problems exist and where there is well being and ease. Biofield Viewer has also been used in stress testing materials and in psychical research as it shows weaknesses and realms that have never before been discovered.

Scanning a patient enables a practitioner to make an Biofield assessment and it can give a better understanding of their health. Areas of well-being are indicated by a mixture of lighter, brighter, balanced and more harmonious patterns, symmetry and colours, with dis-eased and stressed areas showing as distorted, darker and congested pools of energy. When used, the operator and client can uncover the root disharmonies of their disease and Biofield Viewer therefore enables effective monitoring of a client's potential return to good health.

The Biofield Viewer system also comes with various filters and graphic enhancers that distinguish differing energy and light patterns providing a full spectrum of colour ranges and opportunities. These filters accentuate different aspects of the subtle and physical Biofields.

Who Uses Biofield Viewer Imaging?

Biofield Viewer Imaging is used by a variety of private individuals who use it to validate their treatment methods. Biofield Viewer Imaging systems are also installed in a number of institutes for instance at MIT College World Peace Centre, Pune, India. Here it provides a valuable assessment method for complementary practitioners as well as allowing a significant database of case studies to be created for research into Biofield Viewer.

Testimonials on our work and equipment

"What you have done with Biofield Viewer is revolutionary. It should be supported all the way." Dr V Bhatkar Senior advisor to the Govt. of India

"Your work is a huge step forward in enabling the requisite paradigm shift required to facilitate the expansion of complementary medicine." J. Goddard Chairman of The Complementary Medical Association, UK

"I found the Biofield Viewer System to be the finest meeting of complementary practice and innovative technology available today. Truly illuminating and amazingly accurate." Ms K Kaniplan.

"This technology is the future of Energy Medicine. We all owe a huge debt to Thornton Streeter and colleagues for making these technologies available to us now........" -John Freedom

Biofield Viewer Imaging is a very flexible system that allows a wide choice of video inputs and also multiple simultaneous screen display video outputs. For example the Biofield Viewer video can be displayed on one monitor (e.g. a 20" high quality Trinitron monitor) while the file access and control window is on another screen, perhaps a notebook computer LCD display. Only a single computer is required for this with a separate graphics card for each output display. The number of monitors is limited only by the number of graphics cards in the system. With Biofield Viewer Imaging, notebook computers can usually drive two displays: the LCD screen and an external monitor at the same time. Simply move any of the Biofield Viewer windows from one monitor onto the other!

There is now no limit to the image capture size. We have used digital cameras with 2500x2000 resolution (Biofield Viewer Plus went to 640x480 maximum, maybe less). All current and future camera resolutions are supported by Biofield Viewer Imaging, automatically. Best resolutions are likely to come with the faster USB2 or FireWire interfaces. Multiple client folders, in any location on the computer, and multiple nested levels of client folders. Multiple window, multiple document interface so many grabbed images may be viewed at the same time.

The Biofield Viewer software is provided on an "as is" basis, no suitability for any particular purpose is claimed. It is a very flexible system that is designed to work with many external devices, but no guarantee is given for reliability or compatibility with any particular computer platform or device.

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