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Electro Photonic Imaging (E.P.I.)

 Electro Photon Imaging (E.P.I.): WHAT IS IT?

Electro Photonic Imaging (E.P.I.), previously known as Gas Discharge Visualization (G.D.V.) diagnostic system is an advanced form of the basic Kirlian method of Prof Korotkov. It involves stimulating and recording 40 ms of the electro-photonic glow around all ten fingertips, one at a time.


Using clinically verified charts and methods developed by Prof Korotkov it seems possible to determine, not only what happens in the human body, but also where it happens – by examining specific sectors of the electro-photonic glow. Bio-electrography has the potential to serve as an extremely powerful and comprehensive medical diagnostics tool, capable of showing malfunctions of the body and mind long before any physical symptoms become evident. By utilising the potential of bioelectrography it should be possible to take preventive measures, rather than wait until emergency treatments and surgery are required.

EPI is a digital version of Kirlian photography invented by Konstantine Korotkov which pulses a high voltage (very low current) electrical charge through a charge couple device upon which each finger of the hand is placed. The image from each finger is compiled using Indian and Chinese medicine theories to generate an image of the biofield. This image is correlated to organ system function, which can be exptrapolated to general health. Comparisons can be made between EPI images to assess the effectiveness of various treatment modalities.

It refers to the process that takes place while using the "EPI" camera/computer/software complex. Based on the well known "Kirlian Effect", it's purpose is the study of biological subjects (human, animal, plant, liquid etc.) or more precisely, their biological energy fields.The term "GDV" is simply "shorthand" for a much longer and more complicated description of the actual  process, more  precisely - Biological Emission and Optical Radiation Stimulated by Electromagnetic Field  Amplified by Gas Discharge with Visualization Through Computer Data Processing).

Anintense field of electricity is created around an object by a EPI camera (10 kV, 1024 Hz in 0.5 seconds). This field of electricity produces  a gassy discharge of light around the object, also called a Kirlian picture, which is then transferred to a computer with built-in video capabilities and the necessary accompanying software. Because there is no photo-paper involved in the process, there’s also no need for a darkroom as images are saved via the computer’s hard drive.

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