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What is Body Talk?



1)       What does Body talk do?


It is a system of unique healthcare because it integrates the body in a truly integrative and holistic way.


2)       What do you mean by that?


The Practitioner recognizes that the body mind complex functions in synchronicity and NOT as a bundle of autonomous or separate functioning body parts. This understanding recognizes the idea that poor health is simply an imbalance, or a lack of synchronization in the body.


3)       Why this show is called the Cracking Your Health Code?


It is called “Cracking your health code” because as a holistic practitioner, we see disease as merely unlocking a number of codes in the body. Time after time once these codes are unlocked or even just observed, the body becomes balanced and the disease goes away. So, it further supposes, if your body created the disease in an attempt to heal you, once you have learned the lessons from it, you can destroy and uncreated the imbalance that caused the disease.


4)       Where do these codes come from?


They come from a system of biofeedback from the client to the practitioner. It is the consciousness of the unity of body, mind and spirit between the practitioner and the client that unlocks the codes AND also the consciousness of the disease.



Consciousness is the ground substance of all reality; the philosophy and science that Body talk is founded upon are blended together in a holistic picture of the Body talk system which is a consciousness based form of health care. This is the cutting edge of the practice of medicine of the future.


The International Body talk association was formed in 2000 and is head quartered in Sarasota, Florida and this is the official governing organization for the Body talk Association. This is the place where the public’s best interests are served with regard to the Body talk system and its family of practitioners.


 You are probably asking yourself:


**ON what scientific principles is a consciousness based health care system based? **

How does it differ from an allopathic or energy medical system? ****


To discuss this we need to discuss the allopathic approach vs. the energy model of healing. In the allopathic model, it’s like a watch repair. A watch is comprised of smaller pieces that make up the whole and ALL the moving parts are very predictable in their behavior. So if the watch does not work you would take it apart, and find the piece that is malfunctioning and either fix it or replace it.


Then you put the timepiece back together and its movement works again. In the Cartesian or Newtonian model of health care, it is the same, you find the piece that is not working properly in the body, you find the part that is diseased and either treat it with a drug or surgery or replace it with artificial part based on the physics of the original model.


The assumption goes that when you are finished treating the part, and stitch up the sick person again, that the body should be good as new. As we all know this is rarely the case.


The only difference in the Body talk model is that the body is ALSO viewed as consisting of non- physical parts that need to be fixed or replaced and this movement is based on energy. If it was acupuncture, the specific series of acupuncture points are fixed to free up the flow of QI or imbalances in energy are replaced with that derived from foods or herbs.


Let’s take for example: chiropractic care, also a holistic model, this makes an assessment of which vertebrae is compressing a nerve and then fixes it by making the appropriate adjustment. The body’s state of health is determined by the parts of the spine that are being aligned properly so that energy can freely flow through the nerves once again be in homeostasis.

Therefore, in this paradigm of healthcare that both western and alternative modalities are based on, the focus is finding out what is wrong with the person and attempting to decrease or eliminate those symptoms, creating a diagnosis.


Also inherent in that world view are two other perspectives as to why the person created these symptoms:


The western model approaches medicine as the following:


1)            The body and mid are separate and therefore can be treated separately. There is no connection to how disease is connected to the person’s emotional state, moods, beliefs and approach to life in general.


2)            The world and its realities are independent of the human observer. There is no effect that consciousness has on what actually occurs in the world.


The techniques and procedures that form the basis of the body talk system are structured from the Dynamic systems model perspective. Every single atom, cell organ and system was seen to be in constant communication with every other atom, cell organ and system within the body mind complex at all times.


This includes communication through the nervous system, as well as the other subtle energy systems such as the meridians, chakras, and electromagnetic frequencies that are produced by the body through its own functioning.


How does it get better than this? This is an amazing system of health care, noninvasive, non-meditative, and non-diagnostic, yet serving as a bridge between the microcosm and the macrocosm of the body.


So on this SHOW we will not only talk about health, we will talk about wealth, we will talk about integration, energy in all its form including music and its vibrational frequencies, stress, as well global issues that affect our spirit.


Stress experienced in daily life is seen to cause the circuits of the body to become compromised, weakening or disrupting the communication between the body and the mind.

Body talk helps to reestablish these energetic circuits and efficient communication by finding these elements of the body mind which were involved and linking them together again. This allows the body to very quickly recover and catch up in the healing process. Hence Body talk is a very effective form of energy medicine.


So how do we explain this energy medicine?


The body mind follows a holographic principle. For example, every person has the same DNA in every cell of the body; this means that every cell contains the same aspects of that body mind even though each cell is a part of a different aspect of the body.


The significance of this type of hologram is that when something happens to the cells of organs due to some negative emotions, it then results in epigenetic changes that actually alter all the functioning of the whole DNA.


At the same time the DNA in all the cells of the body reflect those changes energetically because they are connected holographic ally. Now the whole body is holding the same information and is aware at some level that there is some part of the body that is not functioning properly.


Your whole body knows it, if you have stubbed your toe, or you have a tooth ache, doesn’t it?


Of course the reverse is also true, if the factors controlling the DNA of malfunctioning cells are targeted and healed, this change is also reflected throughout the whole body at an energetic level through the holographic principle. We are currently involved in studies observing the effects of Body talk on DNA and cancer cells.


We are beginning to see that when Body talk is used, the entire body, mind, and spirit are healed simultaneously.


This holographic principle therefore supposes that every microscopic part of our body knows exactly what every other part is doing and is therefore responding accordingly. And since the body with its own innate wisdom or consciousness is part of a universal web, it is constantly in touch with and responding to the wisdom of all that is or the universal consciousness of the world.


Therefore, if on a global level, if one part of the globe is experiencing war, the entire planet will feel the pain of this war. If one part is experiencing JOY the entire planet can feel the joy.


This is an extremely important connection to make. It is one of the most important discoveries coming from quantum physics which impacts the direction that medicine must take NOW!

The most startling conclusions that quantum physics has come up with so far is the consciousness or act of observing affects the outcomes of any research study, what is observed, therefore exists! Or in other words, consciousness is required to collapse all the waves of possibilities and probabilities that exist into one form, therefore consciousness become our reality.


So, as we learn to observe the body and what creates disease in the body, thereby unlocking these codes, disease goes away. The disease goes away because we are conscious of what created it in the first place. We have gone to the source; we have pulled out the root. AND, the cut and paste of western medicine will seem rather primitive now.


Please do not misunderstand, the diagnostics and measurement fields of western medicine serves a purpose, but today’s society can and will take more advanced means of healing through Body talk and clearing the limitations of the brain through Access consciousness than any other method on the planet.


That is why mothers who bring me their ADHD children see immediate results, and CEO’s who come for performance in business enhancement see immediate wealth. That is why addiction clients no longer can tolerate the taste of alcohol, or the taste of pot. The need for the addiction has gone away because we have observed the root cause. AND now the person can move forward within their own power, creativity and create money in their lives where before it was JUST not possible.


In the universal consciousness the observer collapse all the possibilities that infuse and animate each creation of thought. In body talk we call this level of consciousness within the individual body mind as innate wisdom.


Innate wisdom always KNOWS what the root cause of the disease is; therefore, it is the work of the individual WITH the practitioner that creates these profound results.


Since creative energies work downward, the western modalities will have limited, if any effect of the causes coming downward from other levels of the body.


When this society understands that the vital body is a phantom, a mere template form of the body. The real body is based on very subtle energies, so the modalities that are based on energy medicine will have amazing results with any imbalances on this level. Since energy moves form the vital body down to the physical body, it will also have visible effects on the physical body.


So as we discuss the mental body, the mind, the imagination, the belief systems and other mental possibilities, we open our entire world to new life! ON this broadcast we will talk about the brain, the mental body and belief systems, thought emotions that are created by the mind.


What is the mental body?


The mental body consists of the egoistic mind and the belief systems, attitudes, thoughts and emotions that are created by that mind. Advanced psychotherapeutic approaches such as Jungian psychotherapy, and Access Consciousness BRAIN also affects and shifts the vital and physical bodies.


The super mental body is defined by the intuitive, higher aspect of consciousness. In the second modality that I practice,, Access Consciousness Brain discusses and heals, the 32 points of the brain that are accessed and touched removing all limitations from the brain and allowing the body to access the higher forms of intuitive knowing. Therefore all things in life can now be achieved with ease, joy and glory.


Modalities that use tools that access this level of mind/body will be working with the big picture and the effects will flow down to the other three levels. Body talk practitioners who work form a place of total non-attachment to outcomes, no agenda, and utilize their intuition.


As a Body talk practitioner I practice consciousness based health care. I am aware of the downwards causation of illnesses, conditions and symptoms from consciousness and work form this understanding of the root cause.


It may seem that the practitioner is addressing the vital parts of the body, and as we tap it out, the effects of the session trickle down through all levels including mental, vital and physical.


That is why there is so much emphasis in all the techniques on showing the connection between what the approach is addressing and how CONSCIOUSNESS is actually the root of the issue. So it is necessary for the practitioner to address consciousness of the issue and how it affects all levels of the person’s reality.


Before this, Consciousness was considered a realm of philosophy. Now with the new understanding coming from the field of quantum physics, consciousness is being redefined as applied quantum physics. The two fields of study are NO longer separate. And the Body talk system can be viewed as the bridge between quantum physics and applied quantum physics as the NEW model for advanced health care globally.


Body talk is a revolutionary consciousness based health care system that is founded in Quantum Physics; a new understanding of the universe and everything in it contains the information of the whole. Everything is dynamically interconnected. All systems, c ells and subatomic particles within a body mind are in communication with every other system, cell and subatomic particle.


Each body mind is also interconnected with everything and everyone in their environment as well as everything else in their universe. That is why we are as a society profoundly impacted by the picture of a hungry child on television, or war in another country.


This growing understanding of quantum physics and that the knowledge that the observer merely by observing can change an experiment by collapsing all the waves of probabilities, has changed the way we view reality and hence the role of practitioner/ client in a healing relationship.


So that we have moved beyond viewing the body as separate and each one of us as separate. Body talk has moved beyond the idea that improving health merely involves finding symptoms, into an infinite field of possibilities within the concept of healing.


What else is possible in this session? What else is possible in your life? What else is possible in your city, country, or world? With this new understanding we can now appreciate the validity and power of distant healing and how immediate, dynamic and permanent changes in one’s health are possible.

Who does Body talk? Where is it practiced?


There are 3000 practitioners worldwide who do this type of healing. People all over the globe receive body talk including the current president and first lady of this country.


How does the session work?


Well the person is fully clothed, lying face up on a table, and the practitioner begins a line of silent questioning through the protocol.


She acknowledges that the BODY”S own innate wisdom and asks it what it needs to heal and to maintain synchronicity within the body or what is need of enhancing or balancing.


To this end, the Body talk practitioner consults the body’s innate wisdom by means of biofeedback. Innate then gives the practitioner an indication of its priorities in the healing process. By means of this technique of biofeedback, the practitioner is able to determine which aspects of the body are poorly linked and under communicating with each other. Also by means of biofeedback, the body’s innate wisdom indicates the priorities in bringing about enhanced communication within the body mind complex.


The practitioner then addresses these links through touch or by asking the client to touch the links. While the link is being held, the practitioner taps gently on the head and over the heart complex.


The act of tapping on the head enables the innate to register the links to the brain which enhances the overall integral functioning and intercommunication within the body. The act of tapping over the heart complex enables innate to store the memory of the links through the heart complex.


In this way the innate wisdom and healing function already inherent in the body is enhanced on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


We know the following:


1)            The body has the inborn, innate ability to heal itself on all levels.

2)            The key factor in maintaining health in the body is to reestablish communication between all systems and body parts. In this way the body can synchronize its activities to adapt to the stressors of life, and heal itself.

3)            An important consideration in the healing process is the specific sequence in which the body is stimulated to balance and heal its systems and parts. With many other modalities one of the main factors that slows down the healing process is the projection of the bias and agenda of the practitioner. As each case is new, we work to stay neutral in the process of balancing each link within the process.

4)            We also recognize that the health of each unique body mind needs to be addressed at the level most suited to the particular needs and level of understanding of the client.


HERE ARE the basic principles of BODYTALK:


1)            Establish the imbalance within the body mind.

2)            Linking is the key factor in the new paradigm of health care. The practitioner determines which parts are in poor communication and reestablishes the communication to enhance the body’s innate healing ability through the links that are not communicating well with each other.

3)            The tapping process on the head and the sternum (energetic heart complex) facilitates the linking to the body parts and stores the memory of the change.


What is INNATE wisdom?


The body has the innate (inborn) ability to heal itself. When we tap into this process of wisdom, we can use it in the healing process. So how do we tap into this process? This process occurs at all levels of healing… physical, emotional, and mental. Many Western systems of healing do not give full credence to how wonderful the human mechanism really is. They also fail to understand its potential.


We choose instead to make of our diagnosis and tell our body how to heal it based our supposed superior self- knowledge of the healing process. The body however, only seems to be failing in its job when its communication systems have been severely compromised through the stresses of life, and interferences.


Once communication is reestablished between the various parts of the body, it can and will heal these parts on its own.


Synchronization versus Intervention


The focus of most of the communication system inherent within the body mind. The focus has been on repairing the parts that appear to be problems and hoping that the body can get those parts to synchronize.


Body talk enhances the body’s’ natural synchronization to enable it to repair its own parts more rapidly. The resultant energy configuration allows the body parts to quickly return to the normal synchronization of the body mind complex and its environment. This inner synchronization of the body mind will then quite naturally be reflected in a more harmonious interaction in the environment.


Because of our vast accumulation of knowledge of the anatomical and physiological processes of the body, we have a tendency to overestimate our abilities. In recent years it has been increasingly obvious that our knowledge about the workings of our body is still extremely deficient.


Every day as we receive more and more evidence of how intricate the body mind complex is and learn to realize the immense number of inter relationships between the components of the body mind at the physical level, within the energy systems and the mental and emotional components. These create a complex symphony of relationships about which we are only beginning to scratch the surface of understanding.


The joke is that we think we have the knowledge to tell the body how to do its job, when it has been doing its job successfully for millions of years. There are times when the body fails to do its job and needs help. But in most cases the type of help it is getting is not necessarily what it really wants or really needs.


The real problem is our life styles cultures and technology have interfered with its natural processes, compromising the communication networks that enable it to coordinate the billions of synchronized activities per second necessary to maintain optimum health.


The Body talk paradigm for the future of integrative health care is one where we once again start respecting the body’s awesome innate knowledge of its own workings and learn to utilize that knowledge by working with it, rather than imposing our own limited knowledge upon it. This program will be based in education so that we all gain clarity about the innate knowledge of the body to heal itself once the DIS-ease is observed.


So how do we Gain Clarity???


Throughout history mankind has been aware of the power of intuition. Where the society is predominantly left brain oriented logic, the power of intuition has been largely undermined.


Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.“


Because the intuited knowledge is not received from an outer source, a rationally understood source, it is often interpreted as irrational information, the source of which is dubious. Due to this criticisms and cynicism, we have spent so much of our time dividing our world up into parts, and analyzing it from an intellectual scientific perspective so that we have lost touch with our own right brain function.


The innate or inborn wisdom that enables the body to heal itself is reflected in the mind when left and right brain functions interface healthily. For this reason the inner conflict most westerners experience between the left brain logic and right brain intuited understanding is reflected to a large degree in poor physical health as well as emotional and mental imbalance.


The fact that we heal in normal circumstances, shows us that the innate wisdom of the body mind is still there doing its job, to some degree even with the limited circumstances of its functioning.


By acknowledging the body’s innate wisdom, the modality I practice, “THE BODYTALK SYSTEM,” can communicate with the wisdom to ask for clarity on what is really wrong with the body, what links need to be reestablished and most importantly at what causal level.


We also know that every person is unique. There are no labels in disease; each person’s route to disease or to wellness is their own. Each experience different genetic makeups, personalities, belief systems and environmental influences. Therefore such blanket diagnosis, such as AIDS, heart disease, cancer or tumors is not found in THEBODYTALK SYSTEM.


When we are working with someone, the danger lies in trying to influence their health in a way that conforms to our own personal judgment of what normal is or should be.


We assess the behavior of a majority. If you accept these rigid patterns, and try to balance the client’s health to fit into the social norms where health is concerned, you will be misinformed. Only innate wisdom knows the right balance of that particular body mind.


Therefore it stands to reason that we should be consulting that wisdom before we can do anything to effect change in the balance of the body mind.


The yes’s and no’s that are received through biofeedback are enough information for the body to heal itself with just that information. An intuited felt sense of being in the zone takes over. The technique of body talk allows the body to heal itself very easily with NO drugs, interference, or invasion into the body.


What makes Body talk so effective is that it allows the body to heal itself?


The practitioner is only an intermediary or facilitator of the BRAIN in the process. The practitioners’ skill and knowledge in the linking process are necessary to facilitate communication within the body mind complex.


The capacity of the practitioner to draw on their own innate ability and clarity of mental feedback form the client’s body is a direct reflection from the inner wisdom of the practitioner’s innate mental clarity. This dynamic mirroring takes place in some way between the client and the practitioner. This mirroring cracks the code to the disease.


Therefore, the practitioner that comes to the table with an open mind and field always finds the path to health for the client.


The balancing of the right brain and the left brain enhance the mental clarity that will result in what is referred to as the practitioners innate.


It is important for the client to know that they have a unique body mind and an innate intelligence that knows what is right for them. If you are determining from their body what is right for them, they will begin the process of constructive change that enables them to be well.


They can find a more enhanced balance for their life: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They can synchronize the body’s activities, adapt to the stressors of life and begin to heal.


As the quantum energy field was discovered, and in the book, “The Web of Life” Physicist Fritjof Capra summarizes the view of the famous quantum physicist Geoffrey Chew who developed the “bootstrap theory” to explain the observed phenomena of subatomic particles. This theory becomes relevant that it is our natural inclination to use simple left brain logic to explain a world that despite evidence to the contrary, there is no logical or ultimate explanation the world is linear and therefore being seen as a dynamic interrelated web of interrelated events.


Everything from this perspective exists only as within each part that reflects the whole. The consistency of their interrelatedness determines the structure of the web. This further enforces the concept of synchronicity. Everything within the body mind is in a dynamic synchronized interactive and totally interdependent state.


IN other words ALL Distant events are interconnected and interdependent. This means that every microscopic cell in our bodies must know exactly what itself has to do at any given moment. It also implies that every atom in the universe is in touch with all that is. The key factor in maintaining health in the body is to reestablish communication between all the systems and body parts.


All branches of alternative medicine have the potential of developing solid, theoretical framework for working with the body as an energy system. The diverse and controversial findings and observations of the human energy systems are finally explainable in relative terms.


Therefore the integration of the concepts from physics, with the concept of a dynamic biological system, emphasize dynamic, interactive communicative conscious relationships within systems and between systems. This becomes important when we study:

1)            The relationship of the brain to the rest of the body

2)            The relationship of the heart to the rest of the body

3)            All other combinations within the body


Some branches of physics have studied the body mind as a closed system with simple linear relationships to other structures. With the Dynamic systems approach it sees these systems as they are; interactive, complex information processors, that develop their own memory, consciousness, and innate wisdom of awareness. This approach assumes that the systems are fluctuating and are always open systems interacting with all the other systems around them to varying degrees over time.


Therefore every microscopic part of our body is therefore connected to the wisdom of the whole. We are therefore tapping into the Jungian wisdom of the entire body in all space and time.

The bootstrap theory of declares that we must abandon the idea of fundamental building blocks of matter. There are no fundamental building blocks of matter, any constants, laws or equations. The universe is seen as a dynamic web of interrelated events; all parts follow the properties of any part of this web. This further reinforces the concept of synchronicity. Concordant with everything that the body mined is in a dynamic synchronized interactive web of events.


Science has declared that the body mind is simply energy interacting with energy in a multitude of forms. We need to recognize that all interrelationships are being synchronized and coordinated by an innate wisdom infinitely greater in intelligence than even our most sophisticated computers.


Like a symphony orchestra that has 75 finely tuned instruments and no conductor to synchronize the playing of the instruments, this will result in a noise not a symphony. In the Body talk System we determine what the body mind requires to establish all the communication necessary for it to do its job.


In future an increasing number of healthcare modalities wills are looking at linking the entire spectrum of systems (physical and energetic) and recognize the system as a part of a dynamic interactive whole.


That is why the practitioner asks what the body sees as a priority that needs balancing. This is very different than asking whether something is a “problem.”


We are not diagnosing problems for treatment we are ascertaining priorities of communication breakdowns in the body that require balancing. We then allow the body to heal itself utilizing this improved communication system.


Sequencing of Healing


We must remember that Body talk is a total holistic system that involves billions of interrelationships and linkages of cells. Some of those linkages are quite obscure and involve a dynamic that is way beyond the comprehension of the practitioner.


  • Sequences and links are determined by the innate wisdom of the individual body mind.
  • Frequency of sessions is also dependent on innate wisdom


In many cases the symptoms are not located near the cause of disease. This is when the disease is the tip of the iceberg. A disease is merely a collection of symptoms to which we give a fancy name. The true causes are a combination of underlying factors. Only the innate wisdom of the body is capable of such a prodigious task of understanding these interrelationships.


For effective healing at the deepest level we must acknowledge this amazing tool that we have at our disposal, listen to it and follow its instructions. Because the body is always at work trying to reestablish and maintain balance within the body mind complex, this remains that every seeming imbalance is a paradoxical form of balance.


By working with the body minds innate wisdom, the practitioner allows it to dictate its own priorities for balancing. By means of neuromuscular feedback, the practitioner relies on the body to communicate its present state of balance. Once this has been established, the practitioner then proceeds to ask the body how its present dynamic self -healing can best be enhanced and accelerated if that is necessary or possible.


The practitioner’s ONLY role is to provide a secondary input. This is done by holding the link as a priority to the body, and tapping the head and sternum to reestablish communication between the components of the link.


This premise signifies a revolutionary shift in health care, and BODYTALK SYSTEM will form the backbone of integrative health care as we progress into the new millennium.


Respecting Innate Wisdom


The more we respect the innate wisdom of the body, the clearer the guidance that it provides. In the BODYTALK YSTEM we have chosen the term innate as a means of defining the basic principle behind this technique. In other health care modalities where the term innate is used it has connotations of: higher self, witness, source, awareness, etc. These vary according to the area, cultural or academic explanations of the practitioner.


We define innate as the body’s inherent wisdom to know what it needs. The role of the practitioner is explained as that of an intermediary who ascertains the body’s needs and facilitates its own healing abilities. The practitioner does this by respecting the body’s own priorities, rather than adhering to his or her agendas.


Innate is the state of awareness of the body and this appears to be held in the heart complex of the chest. Just as some people have a tendency to be more aware, follow their intuition more, heal faster and have an intuitive understanding of what is best for their body.


When a client goes through a series of Body talk sessions their awareness grows very quickly. At some level the balancing puts the client more in touch with their own body, thereby making them more responsive to future sessions.


One of the most common side effects is that the client starts experiencing stronger harmonious relationships with their body mind, and innate wisdom is better able to maintain optimum health in future.


In energy medicine we see every day that if the clarity or perspective within the body mind complex of the client improves, their health improves in direct proportion to the shift in their perspective.

When we ask the BODYMIND for the appropriate links, we are really asking for clarity a perspective on why this particular body mind is so seemingly out of balance with itself or to the environment. Once we establish this clarity, we then reinforce it by tapping the cortices to wake them up to this imbalance so that the brain can set about doing the physical energetic corrections that are necessary.


Then we tap the sternum to imprint these changes into the heart complex and ego blueprint. The effectiveness of this procedure is dependent upon the degree of clarity that is present in the practitioners mind at the time of asking the questions.


When the practitioner is in the zone, the “YOU” is forgotten and all there is, is the “ZONE. “Practitioners who regularly have this experience are addicted to their work because it is the only place they experience total peace. Living in the zone all the time is how life is potentially experienced when the mind is functioning in a more balanced way and living in the zone our daily lives can be done with all ease joy and glory can be part of our natural human experience.


Angelica Wagner

About Author


Angelica Wagner is an inspiring Holistic Life coach, specializing in self-development, energetic body, mind and spirit healing and rapid transformation for celebrities and individuals throughout the World. As an International leader in her field, she is a highly sought motivational speaker on various topics such as energy medicine, the power of the mind to manifest, human consciousness, health and healing, spirituality and relationship strategies.


Angelica is currently working on her PHD in Body talk, has written 6 books, and is a speaker and radio professional. She has opened for Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Tony Robbins, and Robert Allen, discussing energy healing over many decades.


Her current research verifies theories she discussed over 20 years ago in energy medicine. Angelica is working with 600 “At Risk “children in the San Diego area to modify behavior, increase consciousness and to facilitate a higher rate of learning.


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