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Synchroton by Optimox Corp., Torrance, CA

EEG entrainment effects during exposure to the Synchroton, an electronic scalar device pulsing at 7.8 Hz Schumann fundamental frequency.

Juan Acosta-Urquidi, Ph.D.* and Guy Abraham, M.D.++


The adverse health effects of constant exposure to EMF fields, from ELF, RF to MHz bandwidth, is mounting, and has been a growing public safety concern for the past few decades. Electrohypersensitive subjects (EHS) are particularly affected, presenting symptoms like allergies, chronic pain, migraines, fatigue, agitation, nausea, brain fog, and cognitive impairments. A previous study has reported protective effects against EMF pollution in a population of CFS patients using a SynchrotonR  device (Abraham et al., 2003). The SynchrotonR is a compact electronic device , 9x6 cm., powered by 2 AA batteries which emits an electromagnetic potential pulsed at the Schumann fundamental frequency of 7.8 Hz (Abraham,1999, Optimox Corp., Torranc e, CA). We report that exposure to the Synchroton produced an entrainment effect on the EEG of responsive subjects.  A robust significant increase in Theta (T) and Alpha (A) absolute spectral power values comparing baseline vs  Synchroton (P<.005,  pooled data  of mean +- sem, paired t-test, correlated samples) was evidenced.

Sham Synchroton tests  as an added control produced no consistent or significant trend in Theta or Alpha absolute power. Photic stimulation tests were combined with the Synchroton exposure and the results  further strengthened  the evidence for a direct entrainment effect of the Synchroton on EEG. A preliminary report has been previously communicated (ISNR, 2012).  Submitted to Journal of Neurotherapy, 2012