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Focused Mind Healing

Working with Angels and Guides, this modality, taught by Harold McCoy of the Ozark Research Institute, provides relief of all manner of physical and/or mental problems. I have personally witnessed replacement of sections of vertebrae and an eyeball with surrounding tissue - with confirmation from clients (no need for the formerly proposed surgery, relief of pain and improved vision) .. 

Using the "Power of Thought", with intent to heal, one alters their state of consciousness and accesses an unlimited storehouse of etheric tools and/or fully formed sections of replacement tissue with which to make the needed repairs. All things really are possible, and with study and practice, one is able to access a wider variety of tools along with the exceedingly valuable guidance on HOW to use them. 

Quoting from the book, "The Power Focused Mind Healing" (JTG Publishing, Fayetteville, AR), "The mind is the most powerful and versatile entity on the Universe.  When we learn how to tap into it and use it, everything is possible."