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An important role of EM Eye is to maintain access to our archives of EMEX Events.

Here they are listed below.



EMEX01: Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Biofield in the light of Energy Medicine


Dr. Thornton Streeter
David Feinstein
Claude Swanson (Interviewed by Aprylisa Synder)
Nyelin Castleton
Brett A. Rogers
Dan Winter

Hosted by: Lydia Proschinger

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EMEX02: Self-regulation, Insurance access and Research funding for Energy Medicine

Dr. Thornton Streeter
David Balen
Midge Murphy
Melinda Conner
John Freedom

Hosted By: Lydia Proschinger

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EMEX03: Emerging Energy Psychology modalities

David Gruder
Robert G. Smith
Dan Benor
Yulia Cohen
Richard Flook

Hosted By: Lydia Proshinger

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EMEX04: Tools for Wellness, what are Energy Medicine devices and how do they contribute


Dr. Thornton Streeter
Kimberly Schipke
Krishna Madappa
John Boswinkel
Gaetan Chevalier
Cyril Bourke
Rose Haymann
Catharina Jansma
Dr. Paul Drouin
Dr. Peiffer

Hosted By: Lydia Proschinger

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EMEX05: The Energy Medicine Experience…because it’s time for choice and change

Joanne Quinn
Glenn Streeter
Lisa Tully
Claude Swanson
Kimberly Schipke
Dr. Thornton Streeter

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EMEX06: Energy Medicine 4 and by kids

Loesje Jacob
Renske Danceskills
Cress Spicer
Cristina Smith
Candice T. Aguirre
Fiona Trumann

Hosted By: Dr. Thornton Streeter & Nathan Crane

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EMEX07: Energy Medicine with and by Pets and Animals

Marla Steele
Mary Jo Bulbrook
Lisa Arie
Loesje Jacob
Julia Fairfax
Laura Lassiter

Hosted By: Dr. Thornton Streeter & Lydia Proschinger

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EMEX08: The Science of Healing with Sound and Light

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys
Gary Robert Buchanan
Eileen McKusick
Corrine Switzer
Daniel Sansburry
Brendan Murphy

Hosted By: Dr. Thornton Streeter & Lydia Proschinger

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EMEX09: Energy Medicine Solutions for Electro-Magnetic Stress

Mayank Barjatya
Daniel Schechtl
David Schmidt
Glenn Rein

Hosted By: Dr. Thornton Streeter & Mark Abadi

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EMEX10: Water - The Energy and Information of Life

Dr. Gerald Pollack
Dr. Manjir Samantha
Dr. Alex Hankey
Dr. Shui-yin Lo

Hosted By: Mark Abadi

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EMEX11: Energy Medicine Exchange Embraces the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology: Building Energy through Community

Moderators:Mark AbadiBetsy MullerMark AbadiMark AbadiRick LaskowitzJohn FreedomBob Schwarz
Speakers:David Feinstein

Thornton Streeter

Melinda Connor 

John Velteim

Pamela Bruner

Ingrid Dinter

Erin Shannon

Wanda Warren

Michael De Molina

Michael Mayer

Yves Wauthier

Martina Becher

Shu-fang Wang

Crystal Hawk

Greg Warburton,

Erin Shannon  

Norma Wileman

Dawson Church

Peta Stapleton

William Bengston

Paula Shaw,

Alina Frank

Craig Weiner

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EMEX12: Exploring Energy Series: Exploring the Heart of a Shaman highlighting experiences of shamans around the world

Aprylisa Synder, Cristina Smith & Bonnie Glass Coffin
Oscar Miro Quesada
Leo Rutherford
Patricia White Buffalo
Bonnie Glass Coffin
Juan Acosta Uriquidi
Boris Petrovic
Dr. Robert Alcorn

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EMEX13: A Day at the Birth Place of the Energy Medicine Exchange, The World Peace Centre

Chitra Iyer
Prof. Glenn Martin
Dipalle Parmar
Warren Stagg
Richard Cumbers
Dr. Bhagyashri Nilkanth

Hosted By: Dr. Thornton Streeter

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EMEX14: California Institute for Human Science: The Leading Edge of Energy Medicine Education

Hope Umansky
Dr. Tim Laporte
Dr.Thomas Brophy and Dr. Michelle Dexter
Gaetan Chevalier
Dr. Sam Aganov
Sharon Mijares

Hosted By: Cristina Smith

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EMEX15: ISSSEEM Science Symposium

22th ISSSEEM Conference “Seen and Unseen Realities”

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EMEX16: Meet the Energy Medicine Exchange Wisdom Council


Thornton Streeter
Kimberly Schipke
Cristina Smith
RJ Ajanta Palmer
Mark Abadi
Fiona Truman

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EMEX17: Energy Medicine Exchange and Matrix Energetics: Conversations in the Matrix

"Conversations In The Matrix"

Explore the power of healing and transformation in the playful field of Matrix Energetics!

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EMEX18: EM Eye a Journey Up Stream, the Opening of EM Eye

EME volunteer endeavor and intends to bring you a choice list of documentaries and films, training workshops and educational presentations made by healers for their healees and students.

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EMEX19: Information medicine, a day at the leading edge of Energy Medicine

Victor Sims
Eric Kolesar and Gwen Foster
Nyelin Castleton
Garnet Dupuis

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EMEX Summer: The Biofield-Exploring the Missing Link in the Integration of Healthcare

Join EME as the series of free EMEX interactive webinars returns with this crucial link for all energy medicine practitioners
The human Biofield in recent decades has emerged from study limited to esoteric scientists into the mainstream.
Thornton Streeter, Founder of EME will host this live event from Denver Colorado. We have invited Kristina Michelle Womack of Facebook group Energic Healing to co host in the spirit of promoting colaboration on the social networks.
Shamini Jain will explain the new wave of interest in biofield therapies and research
Eileen Mckusick will introduce and demonstrate one of the most promising new biofield therapies and scanning techniques with tuning forks.
Thornton Streeter will introduces the devices now regularly utilised in biofield research including the new 3D Biofield system

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