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24.EMEX Summer: The Biofield - Exploring the Missing Link in the Integration of Healthcare


Join EME as the series of free EMEX interactive webinars returns with this crucial link for all energy medicine practitioners
The human Biofield in recent decades has emerged from study limited to esoteric scientists into the mainstream.
Thornton Streeter, Founder of EME will host this live event from Denver Colorado. We have invited Kristina Michelle Womack of Facebook group Energic Healing to co host in the spirit of promoting colaboration on the social networks.
Shamini Jain will explain the new wave of interest in biofield therapies and research
Eileen Mckusick will introduce and demonstrate one of the most promising new biofield therapies and scanning techniques with tuning forks.
Thornton Streeter will introduces the devices now regularly utilised in biofield research including the new 3D Biofield system