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Integrated Yoga


  • Explain the basic principles behind the modality with referenced material.
  • Who first developed the modality? Or elaborate on the historical timeline of the modality.
  • Are there any organizations which represent the modality nationally or internationally?
  • In which countries is the modality practiced?
  • How many registered, trained, and certified practitioners are there around the world?
  • Do the national governments endorse the modality by making it available in their own facilities?


  • Is the technology a diagnostic device, a treatment device or both?
  • How exactly does the device work?
  • Explain the device and the type of frequencies emitted.
  • Where on the frequency spectrum does the frequency emitted by this device fall?
  • Describe the frequency wave emitted by the device.
  • Is this the original model of the device or have there been additional generations developed?
  • Does the device need power?

If yes, explain the voltage and amperage of the device. 

  • Has anyone submitted the device to any agencies for approval?

If so, did it receive approval?

  • Is FDA approval required to legally use the device?
  • Does the device have approval from any other country?
  • In which countries can the device be legally sold and used?

Conditions Treated:

  • What specific imbalances can be addressed by this modality/device?
  • If there are many treatment options, are there specific imbalances the modality/device addresses with great efficacy?
  • Are there any contraindications for this modality/device?
  • Is there any research published either peer reviewed or otherwise that we can refer to or get access to?

Experience with Modality/Device:

  • How long has the modality/device been in practice/use?
  • How long does it take a practitioner to become adept at practicing/using the modality/device?
  • What is the training involved and the certification process? Please also describe the qualification and registration process, if any.
  • Is the training recognized by any authority or governing body?

Patient Questions:

  • What steps does a client need to take to determine if this modality/device is appropriate for their concern?
  • What is a typical duration of treatment?
  • What is the typical cost of this treatment?
  • Are there any side effects clients have experienced?
  • Can the treatment be used in the clinic only or can it be used in the home?
  • Will insurance cover this treatment?

If so, under which code?

More Information:

  • How does a person learn more about locating practitioners who practice the modality/use this device?
  • Please provide links to websites, research papers and literature which will give more information about this modality/device and its background.
  • Are there any brand ambassadors in clinical practice, who can be contacted to discuss the modality/device?
  • Is there any research and/or media coverage about the device that you can reference, including both TV and printed media?
  • Do you have testimonials?
  • Tell us stories about specific patients who have benefited by using this modality/device.