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Ohashiatsu is a surprising schedule of healing touch. It's also a strategy of meditation, a methodology of self-redesign. It's taken shiatsu/acupressure to a uncommon level. You haven’t obviously got a charge out of bodywork until you’ve met Ohashiatsu. Right away enhanced to keep the “supplier's” structure standard, the detached state of the supplier indeed makes it more satisfactory and additionally satisfying for the beneficiary.

The technique was visualized by the time respected Japanese healer, Ohashi, who is known for moving Eastern holistic meditation and back rub practices to the West, absolutely the United States where he arrived in 1970 accompanying he moving on from the University of Chuo in Tokyo, Japan. His drill improved all through the 1970s which allowed him to pass on his aptitudes and qualified information to his understudies. He indicated his researchers in workshops or through a mixture of books and film tapes he made to scatter the Ohashiatsu® philosophy. His bestselling manual is called Do-it-Yourself Shiatsu.

What are the Benefits?

  • Movement, versatility and tirelessness of yoga
  • Strength creating and redesigned carriage of Pilates
  • Revitalization of your specific Ki– embodiment compel control
  • De-antsiness of your figure and mind
  • Revitalization of your spirit
  • Better handling of yourself, others and nature


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