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The BodyTalk System

The Natural and Gentle Treatment The BodyTalk System™ facilitates communication with the innate wisdom of the body by using neuromuscular biofeedback. (The client’s hand is tested for yes/no responses through kinesiology.) When an imbalance is found or a link needs to be established (the client’s hand gives a “yes” response), the areas are touched by the client and practitioner (sometimes on the skin). The practitioner then taps on the head and sternum to activate and store the connection. The gentle tapping over both halves of the brain energetically alerts the person’s brain that there are corrections to be made. Tapping the heart energy complex is an ancient Hatha Yoga technique that Dr. Veltheim has adapted in the BodyTalk System™ to integrate the correction into the body’s memory banks. This integration of body, heart and mind is what allows the body to achieve deep and lasting healing. IBA - International BodyTalk Association In which countries is the modality practiced? How many registered, trained, and certified practitioners are there around the world?   Technology: In BodyTalk we use our hands - no devices   Conditions Treated: By following a comprehensive protocol of questions, developed by Dr. Veltheim, the practitioner can establish exactly what balancing the body needs in order to harmonize body/mind/spiritual functions. This involves finding which organs, endocrines, body parts, or even chakras and meridians or belief systems need to be reconnected to heal communication among them at the physiological, biochemical, circulatory, nervous, emotional, and/or energy levels. Are there any contraindications for this modality? no Experience with Modality/Device: How long has the modality/device been in practice/use? More than 13 years How long does it take a practitioner to become adept at practicing/using the modality/device? At least one year What is the training involved and the certification process? Please also describe the qualification and registration process, if any. Is the training recognized by any authority or governing body? Patient Questions: What steps does a client need to take to determine if this modality/device is appropriate for their concern? What is a typical duration of treatment? What is the typical cost of this treatment? Are there any side effects clients have experienced? Can the treatment be used in the clinic only or can it be used in the home? Will insurance cover this treatment? If so, under which code? More Information: How does a person learn more about locating practitioners who practice the modality/use this device? Please provide links to websites, research papers and literature which will give more information about this modality/device and its background. Are there any brand ambassadors in clinical practice, who can be contacted to discuss the modality/device? Is there any research and/or media coverage about the device that you can reference, including both TV and printed media? Do you have testimonials? Tell us stories about specific patients who have benefited by using this modality/device.