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Tellington TTouch

The Tellington TTouch is an aware way of going with animals to help them conquer a mixture of health and behavioral issues. It advanced over 30 years back by Linda Tellington Jones and is now considerably utilized as far and wide as possible via mentors, sanctuary laborers, vets, physiotherapists, conduct counselors, veterinary attendants, rivalry riders, riding educators and animal holders. It offers a gentle way to the care of friend animals, steeds, ranch animals, exotics and natural life. It moreover an adequate and engaging technique that gives self-assist for people.

Tellington TTouch can help you comprehend and impact your animal with your heart and delivers a method that improves trust, makes an agreeable association, and updates unwanted conduct.

The Tellington System is contained four segments:

  • Gentle figure work called Tellington TTouch contained round touches, lifts, and slides;
  • Intention with the apprehension that you are able to "Update Your Psyche & Update Your Animal."
  • Movement actions in "The Play yard for Higher Studying;
  • Specific bridles and different gear;

The Tellington TTouch can accommodate in instances of:

  • Aggressive Conduct
  • Car Sickness
  • Excessive Woofing and Biting
  • Excitability and Apprehension
  • Extreme Fear and Timidity
  • Jumping Up
  • Leash Pulling
  • Problems Connected with Deveoping
  • Resistance to Prepping

This delicate system is presently being utilized by animal possessors, mentors, reproducers, veterinarians, zoo faculty and safe house specialists on four landmasses.


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