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Resonant Field Imaging

Resonant Field Imaging


Resonant Field Imaging (RFI™) is an experimental electromagnetic measurement and imaging process. This new technology provides objective data and informative interpretations for all auras and bioenergy fields, and identifies the type and function of bioenergies present in specific regions of the human brain.
RFI™ generates complete psychological profiles that fully reveal the role of a person’s psychology in their health condition. While it is not intended for medical diagnosis of specific illnesses, RFI™ does give comprehensive information about a person’s physiological conditions, and provides a technical level of information which trained physicians can use as a factor in their professional decisions.
Certification Programme

This programme is designed to develop your understanding and skills in the bioenergy sciences and energy medicine. The PDS is administered by the Institute of Technical Energy Medicine, Inc., ITEM's parent company, entirely through guided correspondence study, and therefore your presence in a classroom is not necessary. Each step can be completed in one to three months, depending on student motivation. However, there are no time requirements and you may take as long as you need to complete a step. At the successful completion of Step 3, you will receive ITEM's Certification as an Energy Medicine Analyst, which is one of the few certifications available in the field of energy medicine.

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