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ACUSCEN is a top quality adaptive electro-stimulator with bio-feedback and is used for pain relief. This pocket-size electro-stimulator generates impulses similar to those of the TENS device. ACUSCEN is capable of bio-feedback and as a result :

unlike TENS, the body's reaction is continuously evaluated;
unlike TENS, the output signal is continuously adjusted;
unlike TENS, no 2 pulses are the same;
unlike TENS, the body does not get accustomed to the stimulus (it is actively prompted to heal itself so fast pain relief follows);
unlike TENS, ACUSCEN signals the precise dose once there is no more reaction from the body.
Electro-stimulator ACUSCEN is especially effective for acute pain relief. Chronic pain relief is also possible. Chronic conditions are usually slower to respond but disappear gradually.


Courses are taught by a team of approved trainers, all of them expert S.C.E.N.A.R/ACUSCEN practitioners. All courses are hands-on with plenty of opportunity to practice. The devices are provided for everyone, if required, for the duration of the course.


  1. "The Art of S.C.E.N.A.R. General principles of creating personalised treatment protocols.” 2-Day Course
  2. “Using the ACUSCEN to manage pain and other chronic/acute conditions.” 2-Day Course
  3. “Emotional and Physical healing with S.C.E.N.A.R. Balancing Chakras, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Muscle Testing.” 2-Day Course
  4. "ACUSCEN. How to use it for the best effect." 2-Day Course

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