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AuraMeter (Valerie Hunt)

AuraMeter (Valerie Hunt)


Dr. Valerie Hunt's work scientifically proves the existence of the human energy fields, and helps us to fully understand how subtle energy healing really works. She has used science to find answers to subtle energy healing, and has been recognized worldwide for her amazing efforts. Although her AuraMeter is not yet available, this information is especially valuable in giving us confidence that this energy really exists.

These words are from "The Promise of Bioenergy Fields Research," a video by Dr. Valerie V. Hunt. The new biomedical device in question is called the AuraMeter™. This name makes us think of the cameras now available that show all the pretty colors in our energy fields, and the AuraMeter can do that. But it's much, much more. It may be, as Dr. Hunt claims, "the most valuable diagnostic tool ever developed."

The AuraMeter not only maps the patterns of energy that precede and cause physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual dis-ease, but it also can prescribe the correct healing approach, and even validate the actual healer who stands to be the most effective in working with a particular individual.

All of this depends upon a new way of looking at health and illness — a way of looking that embodies a new vision of human beings and our relationship to the cosmos.

Predicting and Correcting Future Problems

Dr. Hunt says that the type of disease — deficiency versus hyperactive — can be determined by the AuraMeter readings, but not what tissues the disease will attack. "That is determined by genetic weakness and other factors that are at this time unreadable by the AuraMeter. But we can tell what kind of diseases will occur, for they fall into those two categories: areas where there is too much chi, or energy, and areas where energy or chi is lacking. The pattern of frequencies tells us this."

"Until now," Dr. Hunt says, "many human diseases have been characterized as 'etiology unknown.' In other words, the cause of the disease could not be determined, and therefore the only possible treatment was alleviation of symptoms. But physiological symptoms appear because of the field disturbance. If we correct the disturbance in the field, the symptoms disappear and we have been healed. If we treat the symptoms directly, then when a stressful situation once more aggravates the incoherent energy that is the source of the problem, the disease condition returns."

Does this mean that healing will become a cut-and-dried, machinelike process? Far from it. In fact, Dr. Hunt's findings point in the exact opposite direction. Healing, she has discovered in her AuraMeter laboratory, is an active process. We do not passively "react to" a healing modality. Rather, we "transact with" it.

Does the AuraMeter Deny or Confirm Past Lives?

"I call them lifehoods," Dr. Hunt says. And they are, she claims, right here and now. All of the problems we have not resolved are sitting in our energy fields, and will stay there until we resolve them.

"Psychiatry tries to solve our problems based upon traumas or emotional clusters that seem to have a source in this lifehood — but that's not the source of the really big ones. If we come into those kinds of really big problems in this lifehood, we can ask the person whether this ever happened at another time or in another place, and they can always go right to it. We don't need to go 'back.' It's right here, now.

"We can go to the lifehood and find out what choices we made, that we are still making, about how to handle these particular kinds of situations. And we can change these choices. And when we do, the emotional constellation in the energy field surrounding that situation becomes coherent." Can we tell the difference between past and future situations using the AuraMeter? "It doesn't matter. It's all right here," Dr. Hunt says.

The Future of AuraMeter Diagnosis

At the present time, the level of expertise needed to use the AuraMeter is possessed only by Dr. Hunt herself, but she is seeking to correct that situation. She and her colleagues are in the process of raising the $2 million in seed capital that they will need in order to make the AuraMeter a device that can be used in doctors' offices and laboratories throughout the world. Before this distribution can happen, software programs will have to be written which interpret the energy patterns and allow the doctor or technician to diagnose and prescribe. These devices, she says, will sell for anywhere from $10,000 to $13,000. Up to 750,000Hz.