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The enthusiastic measurement of man is disclosed as being essential to both considering, and looking after the on the whole worldwide adjust at contrasting levels within his figure, and likewise his surroundings. Encounter has affirmed that an on the whole worldwide adjust constitutes the component that confirms both great and solid soundness and that every last trace of the diverse medications that we get act positively with best proficiency.

Science and estimation empower cross examination at our form's incredible level to be completed with marked accuracy. It is thus of the significant investigate and validation completed following 1985 by René NACCACHIAN, engineer, searcher in biophysics, a bioenergetician, Doctor in lively medicine, sciences and sub-atomic biology. It is a mishap that has driven this investment absolutely near conventional Chinese medicine and needle therapy specifically. It is taking after particularly bound undertaking and look into that has advance to the light of heightened innovation that is offered by present day science.

The ACMOS Method and its remarkably complex supplies that it utilizes, are the consequences shown of central disclosures. Today the advancement that has been made in the matter of strength by the provision of the ACMOS Method is measurable and , from the presumptions and encounters of various authorities as far and wide as possible this is both marked and incontestable.

On account of a peculiarity, or challenging a tension or a hostility, the figure ventures to re-build its worldwide adjust, by operating the course of energy in its circuits. It does this by regulating the energy rush, by shutting it, by switching it off, or by backing it off, or by quickening the fiery ebbs and flows blockage. The aforementioned movements of defence by the figure work at the level of the needle therapy indicates, where the examination might be made to the method an electric circuit is fit to breaker itself or work an electrical cut out when it comes to be over focused on, or has a deficiency of some depiction advance. Subsequently when there is a pugnacity in a zone of insusceptibility in the form, the needle therapy indicates react with the proposed indicates filling in as veritable breakers in an electrical circuit. At every level of, method or organ or area, the form cautions itself through its lively hardware, these cautions if not quickly reacted to and treated create neurotic and inevitably lesional.

It is of excellent essentialness not to meddle with the ‘fuses' that the form has enacted and deactivated purposefully with a specific end goal, which is to support the equalization and the symmetry of the overwhelming fields. Also there is the require to re-secure the role of the fusible that the form cannot operate any longer independent from anyone else. This is the object of the ACMOS Method with its plan to re-secure the worldwide fiery adjust.


From the exact first interview, the ACMOS Method looks to prepare the human figure to recapture lost control of its fiery circuits and to re-build their instinctive harmonies and reactivate the figures uncommon capabilities of self recuperating. It realizes this by accompanying a thorough methodology that is upheld by nonstop deductive estimation.. The estimations are undertaken utilizing exact supplies that is the outcome of impressive look into and infrastructure. . A significant number of doctors and masters from as far and wide as possible have as time marches onward aided with these works..

The ACMOS Method can likewise support with the verification of the similarity of the measurements of medicines taken This furnishes a valuable help to therapeutic experts, by not just encouraging them to diagnose their patients condition, but to prepare them to both exact and personalize the people medicine.

The ACMOS Method works by perusing the exact fiery indicators of a single's form, and consequently furnishes a plan of informative data, that is exceptional to that single The aforementioned signs and the coming about symptoms might be the comparative in unexpected persons, but they are the consequence of distinctive creates which may frequently be buried profoundly within the single. This may contrast from one single to an additional as per where they exist or work, their innate ‘blueprint’, what happened the same time as their mother's pregnancy, or subsequently of diverse physical and mental hostilities that have happened in the midst of their essence.

An ailment through the indication of its symptoms reflect an incredible awkwardness that is profoundly established within the form. The surface symptoms visible at the surface of the figure, should be perceived as warnings signs of the lopsidedness of energy within. There should not be self-satisfied regarding the surface pointers of an ailment and attempt to cure it utilizing superficial or symptomatic medication. The principle goal of the ACMOS Method is the method it includes the utilization of a profound scans within the figure for the explanation for ailments. The proposed incorporate looking for components which may be of an innate source that may be the root of a people sufferings. The aforementioned outside symptoms by their inclination just discharge superficial tensions of the ailment, and not the profound situated create. By actualizing a for the most part overwhelming worldwide equalize through the chain of purposes and this effects in help to the single as one unit a fix to the situation that is both ahead of the game and extended continuing on is made.


The ACMOS Method relies upon the estimation and examination of diverse fields of electro-magnetic energy and circuits within the human form. The aforementioned estimations give exact informative content of the cells within the form which constitute the form in a couple sizes: physical, emotional and psychological. It prepares the ID of distinctive levels within the figure, their annoyances relating to straightforward vigorous disorders or where they have as of now framed injuries.

Measuring the electro-magnetic fields

The Method ACMOS is fascinated the estimation of several incredible fields: the "vibratory " field, the "centripetal" field, and the "divergent" field. The estimation of the proposed fields is fulfilled, utilizing the ACMOS Libertine Radio wire, improved by René Naccachian. Instruments empowers the value of the vibratory energy of the figure to be tested, as one unit with numerous sorts of items utilized and taken by the form and to examine the impacts of hostilities that are of geobiological, environmental or encompassing birthplaces.

The measurement and the stimulation of the energetic circuits

The second arrange has the target of measuring the overwhelming potential of every natural circuit and of the figure's metabolism. This assessment empowers the recognizable proof of feasible overwhelming blockages that need to be evacuated. This liberates the dissemination of energy to the form's organs, which are not gaining their important ideal dietary components and are importantly deteriorating. This is measured in a truly exact way utilizing the ACMOS 7 Biofeedback Tester.

This moreover prepares the prompt outcome of taking a prescription or supplement on an organ to be measured and to see its vigorous impact.

The Acmodermil Stimulator empowers by vibratory thunder to be accomplished by the utilization of the needle therapy purposes of the figure, but without the necessity to infiltrate the skin or the dread of tainting. It clears the blockage recognized by the tester and after that controls the flow of energy that has been annoyed as per the programme described important by the ACMOS Bioenergetician.   

THE ACMOS Enthusiastic Adjust

The private and worldwide equalize of a distinctive is measured with fantastic exactness. Every unique is special and when symptoms of a disease show up, they are the outcome of that people inherited inclination. That is the outcome of enduring physical or psychological stuns, that have not been cleared and evacuated, or legitimately directed within the figure. It is exceedingly vital in the midst of an ACMOS vivacious adjust to accurately recognize causal components attributable to a people sickness.


An overwhelming equalize undertaken occasionally consistent with the requirements of the distinctive, serves as a type of precaution upkeep that uncovers vigorous irregular characteristics, and accordingly considering the revision of exasperations within the figure's energy fields, before they advance into symptomatic disease. By fortifying the figure enthusiastically, the figure is preferred fit to both face and adapt with the various animosities with which it is challenged. It can empower the early recognition of the presence of a dysfunction that may well be imperceptible to universal pro medicines imaging supplies, along these lines permitting a significantly less invasive and traumatising medicine.


The sensible go of expected ACMOS features, has been precisely chosen and advanced. They have been joined to shape the substance of the ACMOS Valise a veritable box of circuits for the human figure. The aforementioned controllers (fundamental oils, minerals, trace units, homeopathic and home grown cures …) empower the re-foundation of the figure's vigorous harmonies. They would be able to react to absolutely significant disharmonies existing within the form at the physical and psychological levels. They are utilized by being put absolutely at the focus on the form where their incredible vibratory value is needed, or where a lively blame exists.

Chromo-treatment (utilizing coloured separates) is moreover utilized to guarantee the disposal of toxins and dead cells.


The ACMOS Method demonstrates with accuracy the similarity and the measurement of vitally recommended medicines. When a restorative medication is once again being emulated, it is vital for the individual concerned, to be adjusted vivaciously, in place that the unwell organ or bothered method within the form, does not restrict its medicines and medicine. By re-securing the lines of fiery concordance, this strengthens the form's expected defence and resistant frameworks and optimises instantly the medication that seems to be accepted. The major profit of this potentialising falsehoods in the coming about decrease of the dose and the period of time for taking any recommended important pharmaceuticals.

Breaking down similarity …

Similarity dissection is absolutely critical. This prepares the vibratory value of an item to be measured, and to check its similarity with the individual taking it, but who may moreover be needed to bring it synchronously with different features. This similarity is verified and checked whatsoever the profound levels within the form This licenses if the event needs, for remuneration to be made for the negative impacts of an item that ought to be taken as a necessity of a propelled neurotic condition est. This remuneration is effected by the utilization of expected controllers from the ACMOS Valise. The aforementioned are controllers empower the support of the so as to empower the pharmaceutical to be correctly dosed. This then offers the opening of recognizing a diminished measurement, and minimize the hazard of significant animosities and minimize the solutions optional impacts.


The ACMOS methodology precisely measures the incredible harmony upon which the ACMOS Method is based. The method is utilized by a significant number of steadiness professionals and identified authorities. It is moreover utilized by authorities going with the domains and the environments of where folks both exist and work, administering on a standard occasional premise the burdens that influence the aforementioned dominions. On the other hand, non of the proposed medicines might be adequate and tough, if the human figure is suddenly or for drawn out periods enduring display without medicine, to efficient animosities.

The ACMOS Method accomplishes at the first overwhelming equalize, a distinguishing proof of the feasible sort of hostility. The proposed are treated utilizing cures distinguished and advanced by the ACMOS look into focus, which are then accurately set where the medicine by the cure is needed, correspondingly for hostilities that are of a geobiological birthplace (Hartmann lines, underground water,…) or encompassing source for example radiation emitted by machines, or micro-wave broilers, or TVs and so on..