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1) Hardware functions:
• Measurement of conductivity of 22 segments of the Human body via 6 tactile electrodes.

2) Software functions:
• Graphic of the 22 measured segments (Electro Scan Gram (ESG))
• Estimated of interstitial fluid ionograms (Na+/K+/ Ca++/Cl-/Mg) Na+/K+APTase pump activity and interstitial fluid H+ concentration.
• Estimated of the volume of the interstitial fluid
• Osmotic and hydrostatic pressure
• Tissue oxygen delivery.
• Modeling of the human body related to the conductivity of the normalized location of the human body systems.

II. Intended Uses
According to the clinical investigations:
The EIS system is intended use in Adjunct:
1. To the monitoring of drugs’ treatment with the conventional methods :
2. To the diagnosis and monitoring of ADHD children with the conventional methods

III. Contraindications
• Undergoing external defibrillation
• Had skin lesions in contact with the electrodes or excessive perspiration
• Sinusitis and in particular the frontal sinusitis could change the conductivity of the ESG segments 1/3/9/10/16/18
• Small forehead cannot allow the required distance between the disposable electrodes.
• Had been fitted with cardiac pacemakers, patients connected to electronic life support devices, or any implanted electronic device.
• The modeling is not available in case of ectopic placement or absence of organ(s).
• Were unable to sit or to not move during 3 minutes ( e.g. Parkinson disease)
• Had been fitted with metallic pins or prostheses in digits or joints
• Were pregnant women after the sixth month
• Were missing one or several limb

IV. Precaution for Use

1. Utilization of direct current in human body provokes some side effects as a capacitive effect at the level of each electrode and skin of the order of a few µmm corresponding to the effective charge of the field around the electrode (electrochemical deposition) and increased the Na+/K+ ATPase pump during 15 to 25 minutes (14).
2. Measurement conditions The measurement depend the area of the electrodes, the ambient temperature and the distance of the electrodes.

To avoid the above items:
Before each measurement, it is necessary to clean the reusable electrode and the skin in contact with the electrode with Cidex for deletes the depositions. The reproducibility of the measurements is possible only if the time between the 2 examinations is > 30 minutes. It is not recommended to make more than one measurement each week for the same subject. Area of the electrodes: Use only the electrodes supply by the Manufacturer Distance of electrodes: The Instruction for use provide the placement of electrodes and the distance to respect between the electrodes Ambient temperature: Optimal temperature 20°C /69° F-23°C/73°F.

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